We are into Manufacturing & supply of School Belt , Tie , Socks , T-Shirt and Pant.
 We choose high quality materials for our production process and use skin friendly materials.
  We do innovations to introduce new designs and bring variety in styles.


We are a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality School socks. We offer our clients wide variety of SOCKS with high quality fabric. We also offer personalized Socks for the Institutions. It comes with individual packing with proper MRP as per the Government standard. All socks are manufactured in high accuracy computerized machines, which give good finishing and comfort.

We make school socks for kinder garden to Free sizes.

1  COTTON SOCKS –We supply 100% cotton with the authenticate seal , cotton give comfort for the foot and Cotton is hypoallergenic, Cotton absorbs moisture. Wear Cotton socks with breathable, restrictive shoes, it keeps the feet dry. If the moisture cannot be released through evaporation, such as when wearing non-breathable, restrictive shoes, it keeps the feet wet.
2 NYLON SOCKS – We supply Nylon socks with thick and thin material. Our nylon socks are made with high quality Nylon . Nylon is a popular synthetic material.
3 LYCRA® SOCKS –, LYCRA® is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state – time and again. The biggest advantage of LYCRA® by using in uniform socks is the socks will not fall down,its used in clothing because its lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Lycra dries quickly, moisture wicking and it is easy to dye.

Lycra has bacteria resistant nature, blocks ultraviolet rays and so it is used in garments.

Garments that are made using Lycra are socks, swimware, exercise clothing and leggings.

4 POLYESTER SOCKS- We supply Polyster socks with thick and thin material. Our Polyster socks are made with high quality Polyster. Polyester is that it is not a natural product. It is made from a mixture of chemicals rather than plant material.
5  INNER COTTON WITH OUTER NYLON SOCKS – We supply socks with Inner cotton and outer nylon.
6  COTTON WITH NYLON SOCKS- We supply socks with 70 to 80 % cotton and 20 to 30% mix with nylon for better performance and comfort.

7 WOOL SOCKS- We supply Wool socks . Wool socks is good for sweaty feet ,wool socks wick perspiration away from your feet, wool absorbs moisture in the inside of the fiber itself, the surface of wool socks stays relatively dry, wool has almost twice the moisture absorbing ability of that of cotton, wool breathes well


Socks Care


We are a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality School Belts. These belts are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and metals that are obtained from well-known vendors of the industry. Our expert professionals manufacture these products making by use of latest tools and machinery. These School Belts are available in various logos, sizes, colors and designs to fulfill the needs of customers. We make personalized buckles as per Institutional orders. We give extra care for the stitching by TWS stitching and the finish for the buckles.

We make belt in any size and width.

We offer the below mentioned Belts with STEEL, BRASS,ALUMINIUM - COATED AND NON COATED buckles in ,

1  PLASTIC – With high quality fibers for the belt. The stitching is done with TWS stitching, which gives extra strength.
2 COTTON – 100 % cotton is used for the belt. The stitching is done with TWS stitching, which gives extra strength.
3  NYLON - With high quality fibers for the belt. The stitching is done with TWS stitching, which gives extra strength.
4  LEATHER - With good quality material is used for the Leather belt.
5 SILK - With high quality fibers for the belt. The stitching is done with TWS stitching, which gives extra strength.


We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of School Ties. This range consists of checks, stripes, printed, horizontal stripes, and many more. These ties are made by our skilled team members using top-class fabrics, obtained from authorized vendors of the market.Schools and colleges widely demand our ties for their high tearing strength and colorfastness. The offered School Ties are available in various sizes, design and color to meet the needs of our customers. We make personalized TIE as per Institutional orders.

We use different kind of high quality materials for manufacturing the TIE, we use Polyester, Cotton , Jacruard etc. We manufacture our TIE with proper lining, high finish stitching and high steam ironing.

We types of TIE we offer,

1 ZIPPER TIE – Zipper TIE is very easy to use and a small child can handle it. We use high quality fabric and high quality Zip for more durability. The Zipper Tie can be made for 10 inch onwards.
2 LONG TIE Long TIE can manufactured in any length.
3 SCHOOL TIE - School TIE comes with the elastic / wire with the lock to tie.
4 TIE WITH LOGO - We can make personalized fabric with the logo knitted in the TIE or with the embroidery.
5 TIE WITH INITIALS – We can make the personalized fabric with the INITIALAS knitted on the fabric.


We manufacture and supply T-SHIRTS, PANTS, PLAIN SKIRTS, FLIRT SKIRTS with a perfect blend of comfort and style. Our range of products are highly durable, made of quality raw-materials that have a long service life and are cost-effective.

Whether you need industrial uniforms, customized sportswear, employee work wear, or High Visibility outfits, we manufacturer clothing stands for quality and a commitment to provide maximum comfort, durability and safety.

We manufacture custom T-shirts, Pants , Custom logo caps for leading Institutions, corporate employees, events/promotions/launches/ conferences / family day etc.Also provide for cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms, saloons, spas, health clubs, morning & evening clubs, housekeeping and security.

We manufacture T-shirts and Pants in high quality fabric like ,

 Thick Pick
 Inner Cotton
 Super Poly
 Honey Comb